About Us

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Isolation Fitness is designed to focus on the client's fitness goals and health needs.  Along with the one on one training, we offer workout plans and nutrition advice that will aid clients in reaching their fitness goals. The great thing about Isolation Fitness is that it offers Personal Training for exceptional prices compared to all of the commercial centers like (LA Fitness, Retro, and Workout World)!



Personal training will be conducted on a one on one basis by scheduled appointments. It will include both aerobic and anaerobic activity based on the client's needs and goals. Many of the workouts will utilize functional training, which is training that will help the body perform regular activities on daily living.  

Personal Training will include the use of free weights, machines, yoga mats, kettlebess, barbells, medicine balls, foam rollers and other equipment. 

Workout plans are available upon request. Email us directly and we will send you a list of questions about your current fitness level and your fitness goals. Once we have all of the necessary information, we will formulate your workout plan and get you on the right track to success!!!

Prices vary upon the extent of the workout plan.