2 Days Out!!!

This Saturday (May 16, 2015) I will be competing in my first Men's Physique Competition ever!!! I started training for this competition on January 25th and I have not looked back since! I have been on a clean diet, eating 6 meals a day (Ground Turkey, Chicken, Fish, Potatoes, Eggs, Rice & Vegetables) with very little seasoning. Although the process has been stressful and challenging, I found that I have the discipline and dedication that I never knew I had. During this time, I had to attend birthday parties, baby showers, house warming’s, etc. I also dealt with Holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day & even the Superbowl where there was lots of unhealthy (but delicious) food around that I could not eat. I've traveled on weekends to places like Philly, CT, Pittsburgh and NY, where I had to prep all of my meals and bring them with me! Yes, that is the true definition of training like an athlete!

Now that I have come to the end, I love the progress that my body has made. This is a proven testament that exercise can only do so much, it is the power of food and eating clean that makes the real changes.

The picture above was from this past January when I was on the beach in Florida. Although I was in great shape then, you could still see the beer belly lol. The picture below is me now. This has proved to me that when you really put your mind to something, you can achieve anything! Now I am ready and confident to step on stage this Saturday and compete with other NATURAL athletes who have worked hard to get their bodies in shape!


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