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What the clients say about Isolation Fitness!


"To turn a lifelong couch potato into a gym rat is no small feat. Kyle has been my personal trainer for six months and has pushed me to work harder then I ever thought I could. He makes each workout challenging and fun! He also taught me correct form on a lot of exercises I thought I was doing right. I definitely recommand everyone try out isolation fitness if you looking to get back in shape."

- Daniel: Port Reading, NJ


"I started working out with Kyle Little in April 2012. 3-4 days a week one hour sessions. He was always motivating and inspiring. He worked with me at my own comfortable pace and level. It only took two weeks before I completely felt a huge difference. Kyle is always professional and has helped me make positive health changes in my life which isn't easy to do at 46 years of age. Thanks to him I am now living as if fitness is a way of life, not a destination! I highly recommend you contact him TODAY for your free session. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!


- Barbara: Colonia, NJ

"Every workout is different with Arnoldo and he tailors each session to meet my fitness goals. The workouts are challenging but Arnoldo is a great motivator who also emphasis the importance of technique".

-Laura: Metuchen, NJ



“I reached out to Kyle because I was not getting the results at the gym that I wanted on my own. I've been working with Kyle for over a year now and the resulst have been phenomenal. The results I' have recieved to date are largely due to Kyle's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet attainable goals. Because of Kyle's professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to my success is why I continue to train with him. 


- Ray: Avenel, NJ



Isolation Fitness is great! My trainer Arnoldo makes the workouts fun. He is easy to talk to and has answered any questions I've had. He pushes you through each workout session and makes sure your technique is good. HE doesn't miss a muscle in your body! I always look forward to my session! Thanks Arnoldo!

-Adam: Metuchen, NJ


"Kyle is convenient and flexible to work with. He shows you the correct form when you are training and he cares about the results. He makes group training fun."


- Jennie: Metuchen, NJ


"Kyle is an amazing personal trainer. He listens to me and works with me to achieve my goals.

As a result of working with Kyle, I have lost over 20 lbs. He is dedicated to working with his clients, encouraging them, and driving them towards their goals. If you are in the market for a personal trainer, look no further than Kyle at Isolation Fitness."


- Janusz: Fords, NJ




I have been training with Arnoldo for a little over 1 1/2 years. He is a focused and supportive trainer. He encourages healthy eating too and is always thinking of ways to keep his clients motivated. I lost 28 pounds training with Arnoldo and I feel better than I did ten years ago!

-Carol: Colonia, NJ


"I started training with Kyle as a way to let off steam from my crazy schedule. After 6 weeks of training with him once a week, and very little effort on my diet I started to see results. Seeing the results so soon, with what I felt like little effort on my part inspired me to focus on my diet and exercise. Kyle was helpful in suggesting ideal meals to eat and workouts outside of my training days with him. In six months, I lost 27lbs & currently I am down 41lbs!! I am truly happy with the results because the changes that I made are small and sustainable. Kyle's knowledge and guideance has made a big impact on my lifestyle and on me!"


-Rachel: Metuchen, NJ

After decades of inactivity, starting to suffer from joints pain and carrying around way too much extra weight, a friend of mine suggested I should start exercising and introduced me to Kyle. I felt immediately extremely comfortable with him, losing the immense fear I had of appearing ridiculous. I have full confidence in Kyle's knowledge. Several months later, I have lost 17 pounds and feel amazingly better. Kyle has been patient, caring and he evaluates me at all times during the sessions. He knows exactly where I am at and he keeps pushing me that little bit more so I am following a continuous progression. Thanks to him, I am always going safely beyond what I think my limits are. My mental well-being too has been boosted and that is perhaps even more important to me than the obvious physical improvements: I am happier, I face stress better and my self-confidence has skyrocketed. Maybe the best way to show how much I recommend Isolation fitness is to say that I enrolled my son with Kyle after a few weeks of going myself, because I was SO impressed! My son is gaining amazing muscle definition and is in a better mental shape to face the hardship of being a freshman at university.

Thank you Kyle for your extraordinary help and support!.


-Dominique: Edison, NJ


"I was never confident about my physique. I was told I was too skinny, or people would laugh when i mentioned that I was working out. When Kyle introduced me to his business, I was a bit skeptical. He ensured me that with his training, I would reach my fitness goal. More importantly, I would feel confident about myself and going to the gym. After training with Kyle, I am very proud of myself and my level of confidence is through the roof! I feel comfortable with my body now and I don't feel intimiated when going to the gym." 

-Onasis: New Brunswick, NJ


I love the service, courtesy, and mainly the results!

-Greg: Newark, NJ


I just completed my 4th month of one-on-one training with Kyle Little, for two 30 minute sessions per week and I couldn't be happier with the results I've achieved so far. I went from a waist size of 36 down to a 34, my upper body is toning up noticeably and I feel stronger and lighter. Kyle knows how to get results and I am living proof. I can't wait to see more results at the end of my 6th month and beyond.

-Scott G: Edison, NJ


I have been training with Isolation Fitness for almost 1 year. Not only do I feel better and have more energy but I am also seeing benefits at my annual physical with my doctor. I was borderline diabetic and my sugar levels have dropped tremendously. 

-David: Metuchen, NJ



Kyle & Arnoldo are awesome! I love working out with both of them. Every workout is different from the previous. They keep it interesting and not boring!

-Val: Metuchen, NJ

I signed up at Isolation Fitness six months ago and Arnoldo has been training me every week. He has been amazing! My goal is to gain strength & stamina to better my game in hockey. Arnoldo has designed specific workouts to help me improve my skating speed and strength. I have tripled my goals and points since joining Isolation Fitness with Arnoldo challenging me with every workout. I Couldn't be more pleased with my results so far!

-Joe H: Metuchen, NJ



Great workout, flexible hours... you can tell Kyle really cares about all his clients and fits the workout to each individual. I've lost almost 20 lbs since I started and Kyle always gets me back on track!

-Craig C: Edison, NJ


If you have never been to Isolation Fitness, you MUST go. Kyle will listen to your goals and design workouts just for you. He's patient in instruction and correction of your form. And you simply won't find a better workout.

-Clare P: Metuchen, NJ

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